Unlock Your Full Potential with Recovapro Lite


December 16, 2021 2 min read

Using a variety of Recovapro massage gun attachments at an appropriate speed setting, you can self-apply myofascial release and trigger pointing techniques to treat your MPS and trigger points.

Myofascial Release

With the ball-head attachment, apply light stroking of the targeted muscle to manually release the connective tissue and fascia and provide intramuscular mobilization of the muscles surrounding the trigger points. Cover the entire area before switching to trigger pointing session.

PRO NOTE: When treating the upper traps, which is the most commonly affected muscle, glide the Recovapro massage gun from the back of the neck on one side, down to the upper shoulder, and then back up. Stroke for 30 seconds, then repeat on the other side. You may apply Active Release Technique by bending the neck to the side of the treated muscle as you sweep down, then bending away as you sweep up.

  • A study demonstrated that active release technique of trapezius trigger points was effective in reducing pain and increasing the range of motion of the shoulder.

Trigger Pointing

To inactivate trigger points, apply localized vibration with increasing pressure using the bullet-head attachment over each trigger point until pain alleviates or a tissue release is felt.

PRO NOTE: Ischemic  compression is a treatment that involves applying  sustained  pressure to a trigger point for as long as 60 seconds.

Post-Treatment and Stretching

End each session with light stroking using the ball-head attachment. Always follow treatment with gentle stretching of the muscle, holding each stretch for 15 to 20 seconds, and repeated several times.

PRO NOTE:  To stretch the upper traps, bend the neck to the side opposite to the treated area. With the hand on that side lifted overhead and placed against the side of the head on the treated side, pull the head down to stretch the upper traps. Hold the stretch before going back to the starting position. Repeat several times, then do it on the other side.

Recovapro massage gun is a cutting‑edge device that features Smart Glide Technologyand Smart Touch Technology, making a myofascial release and trigger pointing sessions comfortable and the quietest therapy experience. It combines power, performance, and effectivity, as it delivers the most effective percussive treatment for everyone. It is an innovative massage device that is lightweight, cordless, and improved self-MPS treatment applications.

  • For more effective trigger pointing, you can also use a self-myofascial release tool like the RecovaBall.