Unlock Your Full Potential with Recovapro Lite


November 30, 2021 4 min read


Recovapro has line of recovery and wellness products that can help you with myofascial pain syndrome or MPS. First, it has its pioneering brand of massage guns, the Recovapro SE and Recovapro Lite, and the newly launched Bluetooth-app enabled 2nd generation Recovapro SE and Recovapro Max, which are all portable and effective, and readily available at your disposal every time you’re feeling body aches, so you can treat your MPS or even prevent yourself from having one. Recovapro also offers the RecovaBall for more targeted and deeper pressure application, perfect in breaking those myofascial trigger points or muscle knots. And lastly, a Smart Cupping Therapy will soon be out in the market to complete your personalized MPS treatment.



Massage guns are specifically developed to relax tense muscles before stretching or soft tissue mobilization, such as myofascial release. These handy tools might be an effective treatment option for MPS because it helps not only with the pain, but also with the stiffness.

Use Recovapro’s massage gun immediately when you’re feeling stiffness in your neck after long hours of office work, or when you’re feeling pain in your back after your daily rounds of household chores. Massage guns can take care of the areas of localized pain and tenderness, getting rid of them even before they start to develop into stubborn muscle knots. It gently but effectively massages tight adhesions within the muscle fascia and break up trigger points when  they are already present, relieving the pain and improving your mobility.

Recovapro SE

If you’re looking for a standard massage gun, then there’s the powerful but “ultra quiet” Recovapro SE. The winner of the Women’s Running U.K. Editor’s Choice Award of 2020 for the Best Recovery gear category delivers deep percussive strokes that can effectively pound stiff muscles, releasing all the tension that built on it over time, while also doing away of the annoying buzzes other brands have. Experience a massage like no other with Recovapro SE as it stands by its name as the “Aston Martin of Massage Guns!” Truly a luxury within your reach!!!

Recovapro Lite

The Recovapro Lite is a lighter version, weighing in at only 700 grams. It still has the powerful features of the original Recovapro SE massage gun, but comes in a sleek and contemporary design in ranges of gorgeous colors, including pure white, space grey, rose gold, sky blue and midnight black. It’s perfect for those who prefer a classy, stylish, and chic massage device to complement their individual personalities. Recovapro Lite bagged the Red Dot Design Award in 2020 for its fresh but super lightweight design.

New Generation Recovapro Massage Guns

The Bluetooth-enabled 2nd generation Recovapro SE and Recovapro Max add to Recovapro’s  exclusive line of percussive massage device. The integrated Bluetooth-connectivity component allows pairing of health and wellness apps, which can guide users on routines and treatments that are highly customizable according to the users' needs and conditions treated. The heavy-duty design represents a high-performance motor built into every Recovapro product and developed for the most demanding massage tasks ever, such as breaking the trigger points and releasing severely tight adhesions. The all-new and innovative spinal, arc, and thumb attachments give more access to difficult areas as they conform to parts of the body, such as the low back, traps, shin, and calves, providing improved contact and pressure application. The 2nd generation Recovapro SE and Recovapro Max frankly, are new forces to reckon in massage guns industry!


Myofascial release is a technique in which pressure is applied to tight fascia to relieve pain and increase range of motion. Self-myofascial release tools are developed so that myofascial release can be applied personally to oneself.


Recovapro’s self-myofascial release tool, the RecovaBall, offers targeted pain relief within an innovative vibrating massage ball than can be rolled over a muscle knot, creating a localized  pressure for better breakage of adhesions. It’s hard and dense casing is effective in loosening the fascia to enhance flexibility and increase mobility, while the integrated vibration therapy provides the massaging and relaxation effect for a more improved self-myofascial release experience.


Still yet to be introduced, Recovapro’s Smart Cupping Therapy completes the triad of self-management of MPS. It combines cupping, vibration, and red light therapies in one dynamic cup.

  • Smart Cupping Therapy provides dynamic suction to the targeted body part for better and localized treatment.
  • The Smart Vibration Therapy delivers the massaging effect to relieve tense muscles through increased blood flow.
  • The Smart Red Light Therapy activates cells to produce more energy for repair to recover and heal faster.

Recovapro continues to develop products that can get every knot out of your back fast and easy, and most especially effectively. So, if you have been experiencing pain in your muscles that either doesn’t go away, or in some cases, worsens, let Recovapro handle it!