Unlock Your Full Potential with Recovapro Lite


January 31, 2022 3 min read

The last year has still been tough due to the pandemic. Most of us have been through a lot of worrying and stress. But the new year need not to be as stressful as it has been. The Recovapro team is always working to give you the best relaxation there is and continues to upgrade all massage guns so that you experience only the best!

Each Recovapro massage gun delivers a scientifically calibrated 16-mm amplitude with 5-level speed settings and precisely-engineered attachments for a total body treatment. All of these allow treatment for pain relief, enhanced performance, and improved flexibility, as well as faster recovery. Recovapro's lightweight design and non-slip grip handle allow treatment of the even hard-to-reach spots on your body. The state-of-the-art Smart Glide Technology and Smart Touch Technology allow a quieter and safer massage experience.


This 2022,  Recovapro gives you more reason to buy one of their innovative percussive massage guns with their recent updates.

The new Bluetooth-enabled Recovapro Max  is a breakthrough professional-grade deep tissue percussion massager that allows users to customized treatment by pairing the device to a fitness app where one can choose to experience treatment based on preferences and needs. The app guides you through routines specially designed to tackle each body's aches and pains, including which treatment head is appropriate for a specific body part or condition, for how long vibration is to be applied, and which stroking technique is to be used. The Recovapro Max gives you personalized treatment! Also, the massage gun now comes with lumbar and arc-head attachments for more access to difficult areas, such as your traps, shin, or your lower back! As with the previous version, it works for more than 5 hours per charge time at its 5-speed intensity levels. The 2nd-generation Recovapro SE is also Bluetooth enabled for a more upgraded massage experience. While it has the 5 speed settings and 5 attachments as the Theragun Elite have, the new Recovapro SE can work up to more than 240 minutes, more than double the on time of the Theragun Elite or the 180 minutes working time of the Hypervolt 2.


With the docking station, you can get your own Recovapro Max for only USD350 — USD250 cheaper than a Theragun Pro or USD50 less than a Hypervolt 2 Pro. The new Recovapro SE can be yours for only USD309. That’s a USD100 less than the cost of a Theragun Elite!


The Recovapro Lite has its own share of features and accessories to boast with against its leading competitors. Working up to more than 3 hours at its 5-speed intensity levels, the Recovapro Lite  features an award-winning design that combines power with a super lightweight framework. It also has the 4 head attachments so you can apply full percussive pressure more effectively to every aching body part. This is an outstanding feature which makes it a superb recovery tool as compared to the Theragun Mini or the Hypervolt Go that only work for up to 2.5 hours at just 3-speed settings with only one or two attachments. But most of all, it’s up for grabs for only USD155 now!!!

Truly, the Recovapro works well for those who train harder and want to recover faster. That is why, Recovapro is consistently trusted by both athletes and sporting professionals who take wellness and recovery seriously.