May 05, 2021 2 min read

The traditional cupper of the ancient cupping method is just a glass cup that is heated and then placed over a body part to produce therapeutic benefits. The suction effect and heat increase blood circulation, which subsequently provides the area with ample supply of oxygen and nutrients needed for repair and healing, while it also washes out toxins that are harmful to the bodies.

The SMART CUPPER resembles just like that but with a few extra tricks and features added to give you a total therapeutic experience.

  • The glass is with a built-in vibration device that provides the massaging effect and boosts the suction effect, further enhancing blood flow to the tissues. It’s a dynamic cup!!!
  • The red light therapy awakens your body’s “powerhouse” so you’ll be energized and perform at your best! It also helps boost your immune system so you’re kept protected all the time!!!
  • The cup comes with a thermal conduction heat, a level-up from the traditional procedure of heating the glass with a flame lit via match or lighter. This ensures that you'll get an even and constant heating of your body in contact with the device.

With all of these add-ons to your ordinary cup, why wait to be SMART!!!

If you’re a nurse and spend most of the time standing and even running towards your screaming patients or a desk worker who is tirelessly finishing a report,  you can always pull the "smart cup" out from its carrier and then put it anywhere your body so you’ll continue with your job while having the good benefits of cupping, massage, and red light therapies all at once!!!

This is also great when you’re like recovering from a shin splint or other injuries so that you’ll recover from your injury and get back to your sport fast, or a fitness buff or an athlete who always wants a great recovery to get back in shape for your next training session!!! A SMART CUPPER does it all for you! So, BE SMART AND WATCH OUT FOR A NEW CUP ON THE RISE!!!