Unlock Your Full Potential with Recovapro Lite


October 17, 2022 2 min read

Not only that compression boots and machines be used for persons with severe lymphatic or venous disease, but they can also very effectively reduce swelling.

For better results, however, these are ideally supported with stockings when not using the device.


Compression therapy improves blood flow to the heart and increases blood flow to your legs by applying controlled pressure. It supports your veins while also reducing swelling at the same time.

The boots massage your legs and feet by using air chambers to pulse and compress air, promoting blood flow and assisting in recovery from a demanding workout. The idea is to heal more quickly, have less soreness, and improve your performance during your subsequent workout.

Compression boots should help with swelling by increasing blood flow and circulation, as well as limiting the accumulation of fluid.

Speaking with your doctor before utilizing these devices to treat pain or swelling is essential. A doctor or physical therapist can:

  • Identify the issue's cause and recommend a suitable cure.
  • Teach you how to utilize a compression boot.
  • Specify the frequency and duration of use.

The Recovapro Air is the newest dynamic air compression device to help relieve your pain and swelling. 

Some professional sports teams, such as the Ribble Weldtite, have partnered with Recovapro for their enhanced recovery. And the Recovapro Air system will guarantee this as it uses a compression sequence that is both efficient and effective. The FDA has even approved it as a treatment for muscle discomfort, soreness, and increased blood circulation. In addition, users can select from seven degrees of intensity, adjust the treatment time, and select a specific chamber to boost more attention in a particular location using a minimal control panel.