Unlock Your Full Potential with Recovapro Lite


June 24, 2022 2 min read

Compression as a recovery tool isn’t a new thing. Many athletes wear compression socks and shorts following an exercise or training, and research has found a link between compression garments and reduced muscle soreness. Pneumatic compression therapy, like the Recovapro Air, provides a more efficient intensity than these conventional suits. Multiple chambers are connected to a pump and control unit in the sleeves, configured to deliver sequential, pulsating compression to a specified body location.

The Recovapro Air is designed to help you recover more quickly. Intermittent pneumatic compression is provided by the thigh-high sleeves, rejuvenating the legs for your next performance. It’s a limb-pressure cycle that’s therapeutic and controlled. Athletes throughout the world can use it and get the following benefits:

  1. Recovapro Air can help improve your circulation. Poor circulation is related to various health problems, and Recovapro Air can improve circulation by simulating a muscle pump through its pulsing action.
  2. Recovapro Air can help decrease recovery time following strenuous activities and sports. Reduced inflammation shortens the time it takes for your muscles to recover, providing you with the benefits of good healing while also allowing you to spend more time exercising.
  3. Recovapro Air can help alleviate DOMS. Inflammation has been related to a variety of performance and health issues. Recovapro Air can help reduce muscle tension and inflammation, allowing you to recover from DOMS faster.
  4. Recovapro Air  can help increase range of motion and flexibility. A wide range of sporting activities requires an increased range of motion. By improving the quality of your muscle recovery, the Recovapro Air helps to improve the range of motion in your legs.
  5. Recovapro Air can help reduce swelling and accelerate recovery from injury. Following injury, swelling is almost unavoidable. Recovapro Air can help improve circulation to provide better and faster resolution of swelling and inflammation.


If your recovery isn’t complete, it can be tough to maintain your athletic performance. The body requires time to repair itself and create new muscles that will adapt to your training. Long-term performance needs a strong recovery. Using Recovapro Air will provide you with a slew of advantages that will improve the quality of your recovery.