Unlock Your Full Potential with Recovapro Lite


June 03, 2022 6 min read

A massage gun is a device with an oscillating attachment that uses quick pulses to physically target regions of the body. We can loosen up the tight knots in the area, minimize muscle soreness, and improve blood flow by swiftly striking the muscle fibers with a gentle wave. Some of the advantages of using a massage gun include:

  • Enhanced circulation
  • Reduced muscular stiffness and discomfort
  • Improved range of motion
  • Muscle activation and recovery
  • Self-myofascial release made simple and light.

A massage gun can have a lot of different specifications, which can be confusing at first. This following is a detailed guide to things to look for when purchasing a massage gun.



The maximum extent of a vibration or oscillation, measured from the equilibrium position, is called amplitude. The larger the amplitude, the farther the gun's head will travel and the deeper it will hit. It will feel much more powerful to you! Massage guns, like the Recovapro MAX with 16-mm amplitude, have a higher amplitude and feel “punchier” than the Recovapro Lite with 12-mm amplitude and the Recovapro SE with 14-mm amplitude. Although speed is typically utilized to measure massage intensity - the greater speed, the more intense, devices with higher amplitudes might feel more intense even at lower speeds.

Moderation is required in certain circumstances. A device with a 16-mm amplitude will punch harder than a device with a 12-mm amplitude. While some people enjoy a more intense massage, some body parts don't require such punches. Even if you're a bodybuilder, you'll generally only need to hit harder around your glutes, hamstrings, or other significant muscle groups. However, for other places, such as the neck, a 12-mm amplitude device will suffice. A gentle massage is also required in some massage procedures. You won't need a 16-mm amplitude gun if you only want to relax, sleep, or warm up your muscles.


Stall force is the force required to stall a device's motor, thus shutting it down. You can't talk about amplitude without including stall force. That means that the massage gun with the maximum amplitude isn't always the best and most powerful. Muscular discomfort can sometimes be felt deep inside the muscle tissue. It's possible that simply passing the massage gun over that location won't be enough to relieve the pain. That implies you'll need to use the massage gun to exert some pressure. If your massage gun keeps stalling while you try to apply pressure, you'll understand how aggravating it is. Many low-cost massage guns advertise amplitude as their key selling point, offering the best amplitude while falling short on stall force. Many devices weigh less than 25-30 pounds of stalling force. This is insufficient stall force for deep tissue massage, especially on major muscles such as the quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

A high amplitude device with a low stall force will be unable to impact deep. For example, the Recovapro MAX has a stall force of over 60 lbs., which is the most weight you can put on it before it stalls and stops moving. This allows the user to apply greater pressure on the target area and reach deeper inside it. The Recovapro SE has a stall force of 50 lbs., while the Recovapro Lite has 40 lbs..


RPM refers to the number of times your device can hit in one minute. As previously said, the higher the speed, the more intense the massage. The majority of massage guns have speeds ranging from 2000 to 3200 RPM. There is no ideal speed for everyone, just as there is no best amplitude. However, having a gadget with various speeds to choose from is preferable. The Recovapro MAX, Recovapro SE, and Recovapro Lite provide five-speed options from which users can choose based on their preferences. Lower speeds might be utilized to warm up muscles or soothe particularly sensitive muscles. For highly stiff muscles or very tight knots, higher speeds can be used.




The motor components of massage guns will inevitably produce noise. This is crucial because some gadgets can be pretty noisy, especially when used in a small space or on surfaces close to the ears.

Recovapro devices use cutting-edge sound insulation techniques – the Smart Glide technology –  to give an 80 per cent quieter experience than competing models while still meeting our stringent performance requirements. Even at its highest setting, the Recovapro Lite was one of the quietest massage guns. In addition, the Recovapro Lite is just slightly louder than a quiet library at 45 decibels, making it ideal for use on flights, in a quiet gym, or at work.


Battery life is vital for wireless portable massage guns, just like mobile phones, because no one wants to have to charge their gadgets after every use. A longer gadget battery life is especially significant for heavy users like therapists who need to treat their clients throughout the day. To reduce charging frequency, we prefer a battery life of at least 60 minutes.

The Recovapro MAX can run for over 300+ minutes per charging, which means minimal downtime as your gadget is always ready to use. The Recovapro SE and Recovapro Lite have shorter battery life at 240+ minutes and 180+ minutes per charge, respectively.


Different attachment heads may be preferred for different purposes depending on the user. Most devices come with standard attachment heads like the ball, flat, or bullet head. However, unique attachment heads can provide a more full experience.

All of the Recovapro massage guns have a variety of attachments designed specifically to target specific areas and conditions. The Recovapro MAX's arc and lumbar attachments are ideal for working on portions of the body, such as the shins, calves, and traps, as well as the low back area.


Before you make a decision, feel the weight of the devices. If you're worried about the weight when you first pick it up, you'll notice it a lot more after 2 minutes of massaging target locations that are difficult to reach because they need you to get into an awkward position. If you can't keep the massage gun in place for long periods of time, ask the support of a partner or choose for a lighter gadget. The Recovapro MAX and Recovapro SE are heavier at 2.5 lbs., while the Recovapro Lite is lighter at 1.54 lbs..


The Recovapro percussion massage guns are made of aluminum composite, making them significantly more durable and capable of maintaining shape and rigidity under extreme pressure. It is better at withstanding heat or high temperatures and feels cool to the touch, in addition to looking and feeling more premium. Its general toughness and rust resistance make it a reliable all-around powerful design. It’s focused on functionality rather than beauty. Both the Recovapro MAX and Recovapro SE are well-balanced in terms of weight distribution, reducing wrist and arm fatigue when used for extended periods of time. Not to mention the contemporary design built in a tough casing for maximum performance. The Recovapro Lite is a Reddot Design Award 2020 Winning Product. It boasts its lightweight and portability, making it the ideal travel companion.


If you're short on time and want to get a high-quality massage gun quickly, check out our top picks in the full-sized and tiny massage gun categories:

The Recovapro MAX and Recovapro SE not only have the longest amplitude on the market, but they also have the best stall force and percussion range. The Recovapro Lite has a 12-mm amplitude, but it has a higher stall force, is better equipped, and is less expensive.

Always seek for information on both amplitude and stall force, as well as on multiple speed settings. By avoiding massage guns that claim a large amplitude but have a weak stall force, you’ll be doing yourself a tremendous favor. You should choose a gadget with somewhat lower amplitude but higher stall force. Further, massage guns that offer options for speed give the gun versatility, which can cater to different recovery needs.